Motorcycle Chain Breaker Cutting Tool 415-520 Pitch

Sale price£12.98


  • Classic Motorcycle Chain Breaker - Heavy duty link removal tool.
  • Suitable for chains sizes up to 5/8 x 3/8 or o and x ring chains pitch 415 - 530.
  • Enables chains to be accurately cut down/adjusted.
  • Works with most classic motorcycles from the 1950s to 2018.
  • High quality steel construction - Strong durable design.
  • Soft grip on handel.
  • 6" in lenght Aprox.
  • FIR Racing products are a high quality replacement part and carries our guarantee of your satisfaction.
  • Please check the image before ordering to avoid mistakes.
  • Important tip. On top end HD chains it is best to grind the head off the rivet before splitting chain.

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