Gaerne SG22 Anthracite White Grey Motocross Boots

Size: 10
Sale price£557.99


Improve geometry mimics ankle movement

The geometry of the boot ankle mechanism has also been modified they explain to allow the boot to better copy ankle movement. The goal of the Gaerne technicians was to improve ergonomics without sacrificing safety.

Dual Stage Pivot System 1.0

Gaerne’s “Dual Stage Pivot System 1.0” protects the ankle with two switches which limit hyperextension, hyperflexion, and lateral movements.

The front shin plate

The front shin plate also has two air vents channelling fresh air through 3D channels designed to “create cavities capable of facilitating the evacuation of humidity and the dissipation of heat”.

injected memory foam

Internally, the injected memory foam has also been re-engineered to adopt the shape of the ankle better, stabilising the whole foot and allowing the foot to become one with the boot.

Inner Grip Guard 1.0

As you’d expect, the boot also houses an inner Grip Guard 1.0 rubber element with a compound developed with professional riders to improve protection and the “coefficient of friction” for better riding feel.

New sole

The sole of the new SG.22 features dual density inserts to “guarantee grip and durability” without forgetting traction and cushioning while walking. The Microshock heel also features a compound with different densities designed to provide protection from micro-impact when cornering.

Aluminum Superlight Buckle

New’ Aluminum Superlight Buckle’ levers have a fresh painted finish plus the classic adjustment strap’s upper locking lever can be adjusted in three positions. Combined with the two positions guaranteed by the new Frontal Shin Guard, that makes it possible to use multiple configurations for better the fit and allow easy insertion knee protectors. 

Don’t forget the pinkies

A new Steel Bumper 1.0 toe insert between the sole and the upper has reduced thickness compared to previous models, which maintains the protective capacity but reduces weight.

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