Pro Grip 788 Blue / Red / White Motocross Grips

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Pro Grip 788 Triple Density Grips

Triple density - firm on the inside, gel density by the palm of your hand and medium density on the ends

Pro Grip 788 Grip features:

  • The hard density inner tube and the medium denisty grip end flanges help towards maximum grip efficiency
  • Stronger inner sleeve to minimize grip movement, while providing both a soft gel material and a harder material where needed.
  • For machines with 7/8 handlebars and twist throttles.
  • Medium material on the ends.
  • Soft material on the outer part, for reduction of all vibrations that the motorcycle can transmit.
  • Progrip 788 MX Grip, Slim Grip No Waffle.
  • Comfort and technology for your hands.

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