Renthal R1 520 Works Motocross Chain

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Renthal Motocross Enduro R1 Works Chain

A Premium High strength chain with excellent impact load resistance, Designed specifically to withstand the stress found in off road applications.

This chain is the choice where a combination of hight strength lightweight and maxium power transfer are important considerations.

Renthal R1 Works Chain features:

  • Renthal standard chain complete with Split Link.
  • Shot-peened alloy steel side plates for high tensile strength and maximum impact load resistance.
  • Chamfered inner links to reduce the chance of chain derailment.
  • Extended bushings to reduce friction between outer and inner link plates, maximising power output.
  • Chromised bearing pins for excellent resistance to wear.
  • Gold colour side plates help prevent corrosion.
  • Most perfectly matched chain for Renthal chainwheels allowing maximum power at the rear wheel.
  • This also extends the life of both the chain and sprockets.

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